Lion Environmental is an independent environmental consultancy with global ambitions. We provide high level environmental consultancy services in Poland and the rest of the CEE.

Lion Environmental (Lion) is an independent environmental engineering consultancy created by people who make a difference. Lion has a proven record managing environmental liabilities. We specialize in all aspects of environmental investigation, remediation, permitting, and auditing. Lion complies with all pertaining standards where possible and practical.

  1. Policy Statement

This CSR was approved by the managerial board on January 3, 2020 and recognizes the responsibility placed upon it to integrate and include the social, environmental and ethical concerns, along with those for human rights into the daily business and relationship interactions at Lion. The objectives of this CSR are to carry out our main activities in a responsible manner, placing people at the core of our purpose to maximize the creation of sustainable and shared values for staff, clients, subcontractors, and in our communities in every operation we do.

The CSR Policy creates a framework that defines and promotes behaviors allowing value creation for all stakeholders: employees, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and communities. This CSR is also intended to prevent and mitigate possible negative impacts derived from company activities.

Lion’s CSR objectives are to develop responsible ways in carrying out our core business functions, to provide responsive, pragmatic and sustainable approaches to environmental as well as health and safety consulting. Incorporating these CSR objectives means choosing to always look at the individual needs of a project and thereby find the proper solution. By definition we believe that providing the highest level of service achieves long term profitability, adherence to ethical principles, are compliant with laws and regulations, achieve best business practices, and over the long-term creates value for our clients, our employees, our subcontractors and for our communities. The principles upon which the CSR Policy rests are integrity, ethics, honesty, transparent relationships, and prudent risk management.

  1. Responsible Commitments and Practices

Lion has implemented the following specific commitments to meet the CSR Goals:

a) Clients - We place clients at the core of our activities. We establish long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and value that promote transparent, clear and responsible communication to facilitate well informed decisions. To identify critical information that serves higher social values or that minimize environmental impacts or that can benefit the communities in which our clients operate.

b) Employees – Lion promotes diversity and equality of opportunities for all our employees in a nondiscriminatory workplace where there is no bias due to gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other circumstance. Lion fosters work-life balanced practices. The practices we implement guarantee staff safety and ensure all employees’ health. We encourage a culture of social commitment of shared values between employees. We further facilitate and encourage volunteering activities to our staff so they can contribute to the communities they live and work in.

c) Subcontractors and Suppliers – Lion asks of suppliers and subcontractors to warrant that they conduct business in accordance with CSR values and policies outlined here. In addition, suppliers and subcontractors warrant that that they are in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations governing their operations. Employees are responsible for upholding the standards established, including reporting violations consistent with applicable laws. Our compliance standards helps us achieve greater accountability and continually improve our sustainability reporting practices. It is important that all employees are empowered to report potential violations of our standards so that we can investigate and, if necessary, take corrective measures.

We expect that suppliers and subcontractors respect human rights, acknowledge the global right of workers to form labor unions and join the labor unions, recognize the principle of the freedom of choice of employment, acknowledge the principle of equal pay for equally valued and productive work, particularly between men and women, prohibit the employment of children, as defined by ILO (International Labor Conventions) conventions, and prohibit discrimination based on race or ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, political opinion, trade union activity, disability, age and sexual orientation.

Lion follows the guidance offered by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The OECD has defined Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) as "making a positive contribution to economic, environmental and social progress with a view to achieving sustainable development and avoiding and addressing adverse impacts related to an enterprise's direct and indirect operations, products or services".

d) Communities and the Environment – Lion sees its social responsibility as a duty to protect the interest of the society as well as the environment. We conduct our services within the framework of environmental norms. By achieving a work culture that ensures a safe and healthy work environment we promote socially responsible actions that achieve harmony between company values and social expectations.

Lion is dedicated to contributing to sustainable development by reducing the environmental impact of the Company’s activities and generating solutions through innovation. Lion believes in the fight against climate change and in our increasing role in the renewable energy sector.

Lion is committed to achieving the goals of a circular economy, both from the standpoint of rational use of resources and responsible waste management. In so doing, Lion respects the natural environment, protection of biodiversity and minimization of impacts to ecosystems.


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