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Site Setting Services

We undertake a comprehensive Site setting investigation in order to point the best location for your investment.

Choosing the best location to operate can be a daunting task. Our team of dedicated individuals will help you to explore the location from environmental standpoint in order to make this decision easier. We will collect and analyse information regarding proximity and applicability of key services such as water intakes, waste treatment facilities, utilities etc. As part of our assessment we would investigate proximity to protected sites should they be environmentally protected sites, protected water sources and their protection zones, protected heritage sites etc.

Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audits

As an independent expert we provide environmental and health and safety compliance audits in order to evaluate if the workplace meets law and corporate requirements.

Every organisation needs to comply with local, national and sometimes international legal requirements. In addition, many large organisations have numerous internal requirements that ensure operational consistency across different locations and regions.

Environmental Liability Prevention

We perform Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Due Diligence including intrusive investigation of soil and groundwater contamination in order to evaluate the risk and estimate potential costs associated with the land sell or purchase.

Environmental Permitting

We assist our Clients in the process of preparation of applications and obtaining environmental permits:

  • Environmental Decisions, incl. Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments ESHIA, Environmental Impact Assessments EIA, Environmental Impact Assessment on Natura 2000
  • Air emissions permits
  • Waste generation permits
  • Water permits
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention Control permits
  • Supervision of the permitting process


If the contamination is discovered on Site that you are responsible for or willing to purchase the further steps depend on national legislation Typically the scale of contamination needs to be assessed and reported to the regulators.

Depending on the date when it occurred the party responsible (usually polluter or the site owner) might be asked by the regulators to take action. Our experts will then investigate further the scale of contamination, prepare its conceptual model and based on full information inform you about potential options.

Natural Resources Management

Exploration and production of natural resources is a challenging but profitable business. Very often approval of exploration or production licenses on time is key to success. Then there might be as many as thirty different permits and approvals required but our hard-working geologists, hydrogeologists and engineers will be delighted to discuss your business ideas and opportunities connected to natural resources in order to set the right strategy and make the plans happen. Our expertise includes application for exploratory and production licenses (concession) at local and national level for all stages of operations including exploration by seismic acquisition and drilling of exploratory boreholes.

There are many ways of capitalizing the natural resources opportunities and we are happy to help you with all of them.

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