Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audits

Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audits

As an independent expert we provide environmental, health and safety compliance audits to evaluate legal requirements for workplace rules, environmental permits and corporate governance.

Every organization needs to comply with local, national and sometimes international requirements. In addition, many organizations have their own internal standards and requirements. Such standards ensure operational consistency across different locations and regions. Our reporting on such issues will clearly explain what is complying and what is out of compliance. This documentation will rank each issue, pointing out the remedies needed, items requiring immediate attention and explaining their potential liability. Such reporting can be done on an agreed upon format or per your internally standards.

If EH&S issues need improvement, we can assist in the preparation of policies and guide their implementation. Our compliance reports add value by comparing findings against internal and external benchmarks. Our emphasis is to clearly evaluate the EH&S status, so you know performance and have an obvious path to meeting your standards.


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