Environmental Liability Prevention

Environmental Liability Prevention

We perform Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Due Diligence including intrusive investigation of soil and groundwater contamination in order to evaluate the risk and estimate potential costs associated with the land sell or purchase.

When you are participating in a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transaction an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a key tool that would assess your potential environmental liabilities. At the initial stage (Phase I ESA) our experts will visit the site, review documents and prepare a comprehensive report informing you about environmental risks involved with the transaction. On request we will also provide you with approximate costs of mitigation measures so they can be included in the deal or we will inform you about need to investigate further.

In case there is a risk for soil and /or groundwater contamination our experts will recommend a detailed intrusive investigation (Phase II ESA). Then design of the field works will be prepared with consideration of former and current Site activities as well as site specific geological and hydrogeological conditions. Then a drilling rig (or other equipment depending on the terrain conditions) will be taken to the site, boreholes drilled, samples taken and in-situ tests performed. Samples will be dispatched to a certified laboratory and the findings will be presented in a technical report. Having found contamination the report will specify its type and preliminary scale as well as costs of further actions (find out more in Remediation section).


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