Environmental Permitting

Environmental Permitting

We assist our Clients in the process of preparation of applications and obtaining environmental permits:

  • Environmental Decisions, incl. Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments ESHIA, Environmental Impact Assessments EIA, Environmental Impact Assessment on Natura 2000
  • Air emissions permits
  • Waste generation permits
  • Water permits
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention Control permits
  • Supervision of the permitting process

Whether it is your existing facility or a new venture you might need several permits for operational purposes.

Prior to construction of your new ventures typically an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required at a local, regional or national level. If the investment is financed by an international financial organisation such as the World Bank then a social and human health components are added and ESHIA presented in compliance with the Equator Principles would be required.
Our experts successfully delivered several EIA and ESHIA reports for large infrastructure projects worldwide. We are happy to assist with your technically complex and socially controversial project that typically are subject to detailed public scrutiny such as exploration and production of natural resources, pipelines or manufacturing facilities. Our experienced subject matter experts such as geologists, hydrogeologists, biologist, chemists, acousticians, air-emission specialists and dedicated project managers will be happy to facilitate the process for you.

When the facility is fully operational there are several stages of reporting to the environmental regulators covering issues such as waste management, air emissions, noise, effluent discharge, water sourcing, environmental fees, carbon dioxide emissions (Emission Trading Scheme – ETS) etc. Our experts will carry out necessary field studies, take measurements and samples as well as prepare quantitative and factual reports in order to support in dialogue with the regulators.


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