Environmental Permitting

Environmental Permitting

Lion provides professional consulting services related to the preparation of required environmental permits for various industries. Our project experience includes evaluating permitting needs, permitting new processes, and amending existing permits as necessitated by process:

  • Environmental Decisions, Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments ESHIA, Environmental Impact Assessments EIA, Environmental Impact Assessment on Natura 2000 areas
  • Air emissions permits
  • Waste generating permits
  • Water permits
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention Control permits
  • Supervision and oversight of permitting process

Whether it is your existing facility or a new venture, there are several permits needed for operational purposes.

Prior to the construction of a new facility, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is typically required for local, regional or national authorities. Those investments financed by international financial organizations such as the World Bank, have social and human health components. An ESHIA in such circumstances is needed to show compliance with Equator Principles. Lion can meet these requirements.

Our experts successfully delivered several EIA and ESHIA reports for large infrastructure projects worldwide. We can assist clients with technically complex and socially controversial projects that are subject to detailed public scrutiny. Projects such as natural resource exploration or energy production, pipelines or manufacturing facilities all can have such a component. Our subject matter experts, such as geologists, hydrogeologists, biologists, chemists, acoustic technicians, air-emission specialists, and dedicated project managers will facilitate the process, delivering the required documents quickly and efficiently.

Operating facilities have many environmental reporting requirements. Lion can address these needs preparing the needed documentation to meet the requirements of regulators for such issues as waste management, air emissions, noise, effluent discharge, water sourcing, environmental fees, carbon dioxide emissions (Emission Trading Scheme – ETS) etc. We will carry out necessary field studies, take required measurements, and sample specific points in the process in order to prepare a quantitative and factual report that supports the dialogue between facility and regulators.


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