Helping organizations rewrite the sustainability equation with an ESG formula

Numerous components have accelerated ESG & Sustainability to the top of the agenda. Investors and stakeholders are increasingly demanding a compelling environmental, social, and governance (ESG) plan as well as a path to net-zero carbon emissions, regardless of the market or industry they are operating in.  International and national expectations for sustainability, net-zero economy and biodiversity protection rise where many organizations and NGOs are looking for clear guidelines.

We work with trailblazers to identify key actions needed that get them closer to sustainable way for the environment, workforce and corporate strategy. We will work with you to find solutions for all central variables in the sustainability equation. We will diagnose your current sustainability position, determine quantitative, qualitative baselines, and we will also monitor your way to make sure that you meet your objectives.

The Directive 2014/95/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2014 amending Directive 2013/34/EU as regards disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups is the primary driver of the ESG & Sustainability movement across all sectors in the EU.

Applying the directive’s vital commitments now might demand a lot but a top of the mark assessment combined with a well-chosen strategy and commitment will allow your business to accelerate and to create a natural long lasting competitive advantage for future endeavours.

We assure actual tangible advice which is avouched for by a multidimensional team with an engineering, environmental and sustainability background. Lion Environmental is cooperating with a London based ESG company. Our advice in contrast to some given by marketing companies often greenwashing serious issues is that our recommendations can be backed up by engineering approach as well as qualitative and quantitative data. Our aim is to truly create a long-lasting tailored solution for you and your business.

What we do

Non-Financial reporting

We offer our clients a process of data collection and formal disclosure on non-financial aspects of corporate performance that helps the company measure, understand and communicate its impact on the environment, social aspects and corporate governance.

Net zero and Sustainable strategy

We support clients to assess the full potential of their sustainability efforts and evaluate implications for environmental portfolios, green growth, and decarbonization. We also assist them communicate their approaches and the perception behind them to the stakeholders they touch.

ESG performance strategy

We support ESG-attentive organizations standardize their own performance against industry competitors, set ESG objectives, enumerate the value at stake, and develop ESG gateways for improving sustainable long-term performance.

Environmental Due Diligence for ESG goals

We support clients evaluate for potential risks, long-term liability, and for estimates of the potential impacts to the cost of the transaction. Our reporting is clear, concise, and explains our findings in simple, logical, and understandable terms.

Examples of our work

Optimizing ESG performance in all sectors

We assisted the biggest Italian chemical company with an ESG due diligence audit for an office building in Poland. We benchmarked ESG performance against national standards, defined and communicated a set of features. We considered numerous activities such as building standards, environmental management, managing tenant sustainability impact, energy management, consumption and rating, energy-efficient system, greenhouse gases (GHGs), climate change, hazardous materials, indoor environmental quality, noise and acoustics, security and safety, transportation, waste management, water and wastewater management, biodiversity, and cultural heritage.

Evaluating and transforming to improve sustainability

We worked with one of the major Polish fuel producers and retailers to evaluate its reliance on fossil fuels and its impact on the environment in line with the clients standards on a par with ASTM E1527 standards to meet the high expectations of the client and investors calling for fast transition. We mapped out stakeholder expectations, measured and evaluated the client’s environmental performance across numerous scopes, identified green growth and HSE options, and designed a set of targets to correspond with local law.

Clearing a path to safe net-zero investments

We helped an Industrial Investor perform an ESG assessment for an Ice Cream Factory by assessing its entire operational model and value chain considering all sustainability aspects. We baselined the client’s environmental footprint and governance, identified and evaluated multiple areas such as UN Global Compact, ESG and Sustainability Management, Human Capital, and Environmental compliance.

Our ESG experts

Monika Rzeźniczak

Monika is Lion Environmental’s Vice President, as Technical Director Monika manages EIAs projects, auditing (EDDs, ESAs, EHS auditing), studies for water supply, water treatment, and disposal solutions. She also acts as an advisory engineer for sustainable water management, minimizing watercourses pollution, sustainable on-site water treatment solutions, and the air emissions from heating sources, among other resources. Monika holds two environmental degrees, including an engineering degree from Warsaw University of Technology.

Matthias Kadnar

Matthias Kadnar is a Mergers & Acquisitions Associate Spec. ESG & Sustainability. He was engaged in auditing one of the major Polish fuel producers and retailers, one of the potential biggest Merger & Acquisition transactions in polish history. He conducted all-encompassing internal research for Lion Environmental using the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development reporting guidelines and is currently enrolled in a Circular Economy and Sustainability course at Cambridge University. Matthias holds three business degrees and is a Cambridge University graduate.

R. André Chiaradia 

André is the Senior Environmental Consultant at Lion. He has worked across such industries as life sciences, healthcare, chemical production, and manufacturing. He has developed programs that improve processes and minimize environmental impacts. André has performed lifecycle assessments and costs analyses that have resulted in modifications to meet sustainability goals. His experience includes developing educational programs that raise awareness and identify clear and understandable sustainability objectives, expressing complex technical issues in clear terms.


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