Ivey-sol® Surfactant Remediation Technology

Lion Environmental has joined with Ivey International Inc. to bring innovative remedial technologies to Poland and the rest of the CEE.

Ivey-sol® Surfactant Remediation Technology, Powering Site Remediation for Over 25 Years

Ivey International Inc. is an international Award-Winning Remediation Technology Company that has developed and patented innovative remediation products, including Ivey-sol® (Surfactant Remediation Technology), and DECON-IT® (Surface Decontamination Products) line of products.

Ivey-sol®, globally recognized for its guaranteed ability to improve Physical (MPE, P&T, Soil Washing) Biological (Aerobic and Anaerobic Bioremediation) and Chemical (Oxidation and Reduction) remediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons (Gasoline, Diesel, Motor Oil, Bunker-C), Chlorinated Solvents (CT, TCE, PCE, PCB), PFAS (PFOA and PFAS), and Organometallic (TEL, TBT, and TPT) contamination, in soils, sediments, fractured bedrock, as well as surface and groundwater. Ivey-sol® is REACH compliant, free of hazardous contaminants, and sustainable, it saves time and costs when used in any remediation project.

For more information contact IVEY at info@iveyinternational.com or Lion Environmental at admin@lionenvironmental.com for your Central and Eastern European Remediation and Decontamination Technology needs.


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