Natural Resources Management

Natural Resources Management

Exploration and production of natural resources is a challenging but profitable business. Very often approval of exploration or production licenses on time is key to success. Then there might be as many as thirty different permits and approvals required but our hard-working geologists, hydrogeologists and engineers will be delighted to discuss your business ideas and opportunities connected to natural resources in order to set the right strategy and make the plans happen. Our expertise includes application for exploratory and production licenses (concession) at local and national level for all stages of operations including exploration by seismic acquisition and drilling of exploratory boreholes.

Additionally, natural resources operations require large quantities of water. Our team of experts will look at your water requirements and try to improve your water balance. Similar problems may arise when a facility produces large volumes of waste, wastewater or tailings. We might provide you with third party landfill audits and whether you are operating in oil & gas, mining or aggregate market we will look for the most cost-effective solutions tailored for your particular case.


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