Site Selection Services

Site Selection Services

We undertake a comprehensive investigation to pinpoint the best location for your investment.

Lion provides critical support when selecting project locations. Our success on multiple projects has led us to perfect our approach to the site selection assessment process. We will deliver well-researched options as well as back proposed locations with comprehensive and up to date data and information so you can make informed decisions.

We specialize in spatial data acquisition, analysis as well as development of GIS mapping that has proven to be effective with environmental and infrastructural permit applications for successful key project approvals. Lion has established a comprehensive infrastructure permit process that includes management plans that address all levels of administrative procedures. Our environmental due diligence methods and meticulous preselection of properties can minimize approval delays. We will advance concurrent environmental permits, Natura 2000 impact assessment studies, environmental impact assessments, location decisions and can evaluate both Polish and International environmental social standards (Equator principals) on projects.

Lion’s expertise can include site selection and project development that includes information from due diligence studies, environmental impact assessments, biodiversity studies, air emission models, noise dispersion models, flicker analysis and monitoring programs. Using in-house expertise, Lion has developed methods that aid in the selection of suitable locations that consider key constraints. Lion will achieve successful permit approvals that meet the conditions often imposed by financial institutions for project development.

Lion can also set up and maintain public portals for the sharing of information with the local community.

Our work meets the highest professional standards, we complete our projects on time, are cost-sensitive, and exceed expectations. Lion’s experienced project managers and environmental consultants deliver a vast range of services.


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