Wind Farm Capabilities

Wind Farm Capabilities

We have extensive experience with offshore and onshore wind farm projects.



Lion provides critical support on offshore wind projects. Our success on multiple projects has led us to perfect our approach to the assessment, planning and permitting processes. We specialize in spatial data acquisition, analysis and development of GIS mapping that has proven to be effective for permit applications and key to project approvals. We provide strategic advice necessary in planning for project milestones and schedules. Lion has established a comprehensive infrastructure permit process that includes cohesive management plans that address all levels of administrative procedures necessary in the development of a power supply chain for wind generated power. Examination also includes landing points (landfall), environmental due diligence, and the meticulous preselection of properties to minimize approval delays. We advance concurrent environmental permits, Natura 2000 impact assessment studies, environmental impact assessments, and the evaluation of both Polish and International environmental social standards (Equator principals).

On several occasions we provided design optimization for export cables, successful permit applications, facilitated location decision granting processes and amendments to Maritime Spatial Plans. We manage relations with critical regulators such as the Maritime Offices, Governmental Ministries as well as other regulatory, public, and private stakeholders. Our several site-specific reports developed in full cooperation with clients have been singled out for their excellence. Our services exceed client expectations and are viewed as part of a partnership to achieving project success.


Lion’s expertise with onshore wind projects includes site selection and project development. Lion carries out due diligence studies, environmental impact assessments, biodiversity studies, compiles noise and flicker impact models, post construction monitoring plans, along with environmental, social and management action plans. Using in-house expertise, Lion has developed methods that aid in the selection of suitable locations that consider key constraints. Our projects achieve successful permit approvals and the conditions often imposed by financial institutions on onshore wind projects.

An international investment fund entrusted Lion to provide support for an Equator Principles GAP analysis on several windfarms. Lion provided environmental and social management information, non-technical summaries, as well as acoustic and flicker impact analysis. Lion was also asked to provide biodiversity impact assessments with special attention to sensitive species such as bats and indigenous birds.

On most of the wind farm projects Lion works on, we set up and maintain public portals for the sharing of information with the local community.

Our assessments meet the highest professional standards and are completed on time, are cost sensitive and exceed expectations of the Client as well as the financing institution and its technical consultants. Lion works with clients to design wind farm projects that minimize environmental impacts and maximize carbon reduction offsets. Lion’s experienced project managers and environmental consultants deliver a vast range of services tailored to meet the needs of onshore wind.


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