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Lion Environmental

Lion provides professional consulting services related to the preparation and approval of required environmental and infrastructure permits for various industries. Our project experience includes evaluating permitting needs, permitting new processes, and amending existing permits, as necessary.


Lion has been helping business deal with a range of permits required for operations in Poland. A common problem is businesses do not understand environmental permit procedures or why they need them. Industries fall out of compliance because they do not follow ever changing regulations. Lion focuses on helping businesses find effective solutions to regulatory challenges. Our expertise covers a wide variety of environmental permitting and planning needs. We work to understand site-specific conditions, your processes, and their regulatory requirements. We avoid ill-fitted generic solutions to complex problems.


Lion has earned a reputation for maximizing efficiency and delivering required documents quickly and cost-effectively. Our portfolio of permits includes but is not limited to multidisciplinary permits such as environmental decisions (Environmental Impact Assessment Approvals), location decisions for offshore investments, impact assessment on Natura 2000 protected sites, Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC) permits, as well as sectoral permits; water permits, air emission permits, and waste permits.