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Lion Environmental

Lion provides a wide range of services for renewables, the fastest growing energy industry. Developers of solar power plants, windfarms or hydrogen ventures can rely on our expertise and proven track record for all project stages. In order to guide our clients through a complex maze of regulatory environment as well as achieve higher standards such as IFC and Equator Principles we created a nation-wide network of local experts.


With our customer focused attitude and having worked with a broad range of clients investing worldwide we are familiar with their needs, concerns and expectations versus the confronted local regulations and standards.


If you are involved in the renewable energy industry, we can lead you via the environmental, technical, and engineering procedures required prior to commencement of any job this kind. Our engineers can guide you through the complex process of selection location or routing for both on-shore and off-shore projects and further permitting process. As our client you can take advantage of the excellence of our in-house technical advisors that can assist you with verification of projects portfolio or supervise your project already being financed.