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The remediation of environmental releases can be complex and costly. The scale of contamination must be assessed and reported to the regulatory authority. Lion is experienced in finding innovative and cost-effective solutions to contaminated sites. We specialize in finding the direct path between discovery to cleanup that minimizes cost, meets regulatory requirements, and brings quick resolution to such issues.


Depending on the date of occurred of the release, the party responsible (usually polluter or the site owner) may be asked by the regulators to take action. Lion will investigate the extent of the release of contamination, prepare its conceptual site model and based on the information obtained create a feasibility study and design a remedial action plan.


With full consideration of your needs, time and money, options will be presented along with their costs and potential liabilities. We have designed projects that include complete removal of contaminants to in-situ treatment. Lion will work with the client to find the best approach that fits the long-term needs and future site usage or site development. At each step we work to ensure that our solutions will meet the requirements of regulators and local concerns.