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The planet is showing us: It is time to act and fast-track change. In light of a more hot-blooded planet than ever, with climate crisis and the struggle to reduce consumption of resources, especially carbon-based energy, good judgment and bold decisions are needed. All stakeholders and especially businesses must unite and cooperate if we are to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement. As ESG consultants, we have a big part to play: We are helping businesses and organizations across all sectors and industries to open up pathways to competitiveness in a decarbonized future.

We help companies and organizations strengthen their competitive advantage and accelerate their sustainability journey


We assist clients of all sizes from both the public and the private sector recognize where and how their business is most impacted by environmental developments and spot the newly developing opportunities, facilitating their decision-making on an individual level, executing proven approaches and initiatives and also looking for new disruptive solutions, helping ensure their future competitiveness in a decarbonizing world.

Below are some of the principal areas where we offer thought leadership


Analytical insight and tailored solutions for your organization. Our consulting portfolio includes holistic products such as sustainability strategies, circular economy strategies, Scope 3 climate action strategy and sustainable business transformation, as well as deep dives in the form of more specific products such as current carbon footprint analysis, transportation and energy decarbonisation, and others.