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Current legislation in Poland places responsibility to the “waste producer” to manage the waste materials they generate. The waste producer is an entity that conducts the activity or operates the installation. Lion offers comprehensive support to those required to engage in waste management activities.


Lion will prepare documentation and oversee the necessary steps to obtain the required waste decisions for your facility. We support our clients with the proper identification and verification of waste generating procedures. Our expertise will ensure that we can streamline the waste management process at your facility or operations.


Our team of experienced experts will lead you through the process of registering and updating notification of data for the Polish online waste database - BDO. If necessary, we will help identify the waste generating processes at your facility along with waste minimization options, so you are able to appropriately register your operations in the BDO database.


When purchasing or making assumptions of a properties operation, Lion can identify waste materials, point out environmental liabilities, and estimate the cost to remove, dispose, or manage such wastes in accordance with national regulatory requirements.


Producing, importing or delivering intra-community products such as: electric equipment, batteries or accumulators, oils, tires, cars, packaging or any other products in packaging Lion is able to help you lead the required process for your company’s BDO entry.

The services we offer include:

  • Registration, deregistration, updating the data, preparing annual reports required in the Polish online waste database - BDO
  • Obtaining an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit for installations (i.a. in the field of waste management)
  • Securing a waste generation permit
  • Acquiring a waste collection permit
  • Attain a waste treatment permit
  • Preparation of a fire protection plan required to obtain permits for waste collecting treatment or waste generation including its collecting or treatment
  • Developing the requirements and estimated costs to collect, remove, and dispose of waste materials in agreement Polish regulations