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Lion Environmental

Lion carries out comprehensive soil and groundwater quality assessments in accordance with national and European law. We provide expert evaluation of land quality beyond just the regulatory framework.We are an Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Due Diligence reporting provider. For each property transaction we collect data, evaluate the information and when needed, conduct intrusive investigations of soil and groundwater. The information gathered is evaluated for potential risks, long term liability and for estimates of the potential impacts to the cost of the transaction. Our reporting is clear, concise, and explains our findings in simple, logical and understandable terms.


When knowing the presence of environmental impacts on a property is important, Lion will quickly perform a comprehensive and complete assessment tailored to your needs. We compile an environmental review that consists of five important information points. The influences, if any, that the presence of environmental contaminants has on national regulations, the impacts on the property from past and present operations, geological and hydrogeological conditions as they relate to the presence of contamination and an analysis of the economic impacts these contaminants can have on the value of the property.


When required, field work includes recording observations of the property and sampling.   Environmental samples of soil and groundwater can be collected and analyzed, at certified laboratories, for potential environmental contamination. The information is presented in a report that describes the scope of the assessment, its results, and their significance. Triggers for administrative procedures are detailed and explained, along with other potential impacts.


During Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transactions, a key component is a need to assess potential influences from environmental liabilities. Lion offers our expertise and skills in performing Environmental Site Assessments (ESA);. The initial stage, (Phase I ESA) is a review of documents and available information to prepare a comprehensive report outlining the environmental risks involved with the transaction. Lion works with buyers, sellers, and lenders to develop a scope of work that meets all parties' needs, as well as industry standards for due diligence reviews. Lion provides assessments that meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for Phase I. This includes a thorough research of site history, permit and enforcement history, and a physical evaluation of the property and surrounding area.


Where there is a potential for environmental risk, a detailed intrusive investigation (Phase II ESA) can be carried out. The Phase II investigations performed will comply with the national contaminated land assessment regulations as well as ASTM standards.


All findings will be prepared in a report format that details the information collected and the potential requirements for the property in the future. Lion can include with our report an estimated cost to mitigate the issues discovered or those needed to further investigate the environmental issues found.


Lion investigates the potential for latent environmental liabilities in a timely and confidential manner. Accurate recommendations are made, and comprehensive documentation is compiled for our clients. Lion works with each client to meet their specific needs and to facilitate an environmentally informed business transaction.


Technology: In our on-site investigations, we also utilize unmanned aerial vehicles to supplement our terrestrial examination of the target properties.