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Lion Environmental

Acting responsibly from the inside out

At Lion Environmental, we strive for the highest professional standards in line with our corporate values of entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy. By mastering environmental, social and governance challenges at the same time, we contribute to sustainable growth. We are strongly committed to achieving outstanding results and creating real value – not just for our company but for our clients and the society we live in. Ethical conduct and integrity are prerequisites for successfully doing business and creating trust, and complying with laws, regulations and corporate guidelines is our top priority.

Our guiding principles


Ethical conduct and integrity are indispensable elements of our business operations and our customer service. Lion Environmental has a zero-tolerance policy towards acts of corruption, extortion and bribery within and outside our company. In addition, we are strongly committed to respecting and upholding human rights in every way – both as a company and as individual employees.


Our ethical and behavioral guidelines are summarized in our Code of Conduct, which applies to every Lion Environmental employee. It establishes the norm for all our actions, combines all group standards and corporate policies (e.g. on professional integrity, anti-corruption, conflicts of interest) and is complemented by local policies and guidelines where needed.


Our responsible business conduct is backed by a dedicated internal compliance system. It helps us to implement both external regulations and internal rules and procedures through regular trainings, feedback procedures and a whistleblower system.

Safeguarding information and data


We know that knowledge and the security of sensitive information is our greatest asset, and we protect it accordingly. Treating our clients' non-public information with rigorous confidentiality is thus of utmost importance both to us as a company and to our stakeholders. Without exception, each of our employees must be familiar with the policies and regulations around data privacy and IT security. They are part of our Code of Conduct and of regular training sessions.

IT security requires the perfect interplay of people, processes and knowledge. As a company, we make sure that all these elements work together smoothly.